Why Should Architects Use This Tool?

Behance is a platform for architects to showcase their work, gain exposure, and draw inspiration.

It's ideal for architects who want to display and discover creative work.

About the Tool

Behance is a digital portfolio platform, part of the Adobe family.

It allows professionals looking to expand their creative horizons and connect with a global community.

How can you apply Behance to your Architecture firm

  1. Show Work: Put your designs online. This helps more people see what you do and can bring in new clients.
  2. Learn from Others: See what other architects are doing. This can give you new ideas and show you what's popular.
  3. Make Connections: Talk to other architects and people in your field. This can lead to working together on projects.
  4. Get Feedback: Share your ideas and get advice from others. This helps make your work better.
  5. Find Talent: Look for skilled people to join your team.

Key Takeaways